Christmas – Let’s start the countdown.

Yes, I know it is early, but I have already seen two posts about people counting down the days. Yes, these people have children so I guess that might count, perhaps. 107 days until the big day.

Not that I view it as a particularly big day, but to some it is. The significance of the winter solstice and the birth of Jesus can be considered quite important by those religious bodies. Or alternatively, presents. Lots and lots of presents. Something I never understood, Jesus was born in early spring, but we elected to celebrate his birthday in December.

This year my oldest sister is planning on spending her Christmas in Wales, younger sister might not be there either. Family tradition dictates that we all go home for Christmas, no matter what. This year my oldest sister has been engaged for about a full year, after being proposed to a few days after Christmas last year, consequently she plans on staying with her fiancee. If no-one goes home for Christmas how will it be the same. Is there any point in putting up the decorations or doing a full Christmas meal for just two people? I am starting to think Christmas is for children and the young. While I do not fully understand the reason why we spend lots of money on gifts for people that we ourselves cannot afford I am going to begin assembling my Christmas gifts early this year. (After a suggestion from )

One thing that I think might be nice to go in the Christmas basket is some homemade chilli jam. Or alternatively I might make some chilli oil, but I think chilli jam sounds much better. So:

1. Chilli Jam
2. Silicone Spoons

Something that one person in particular is going to be getting is the hairy bikers diet cook books, both the new one and the older one, simply because they are both full of recipes that people actually use and love. For some reason, I like to get practical gifts. Things that will improve their life somehow, whether that be in making cooking easier (silicone spoon) or more yummy. What is the point in giving a gift that will go unused?

I will have to think of some more things, hm…

3 responses to “Christmas – Let’s start the countdown.

  1. If you’re the kind of person who is good at preparing ahead, then I think home-made gifts are a fabulous compromise between being like us (no presents) and taking out a second mortgage to fund ritual gift exchange. I certainly agree with the sentiment that “Christmas is for children” or at least ideally should be. Adults exchanging stuff that no-body really wants (how often do we *really* like stuff that extended family members feel obliged to buy for us just because it’s Christmas?) and whats more having to ensure that they spend the same as the other person in some strange symbolic monetary balancing act, is to me entirely an strange custom. Haven’t done it for years, never really did do it in fact! Just announce to family to please not buy you any presents, or if they simply *must*, how about contributing to your debt alleviation / rent / college costs fund instead!

    • PS That’s not to say I’m entirely “Bah humbug” – we do have a simple seasonal observation. Gathering in the evergreens, lots of candlelight, Carols from Kings, veggie nut roast and so-on 🙂

      • Well planning ahead is fairly easy its actually putting that into action. I think some people forget about the true spirit of christmas in favour of commercialism. I think a nice personalised chilli jam is a good way forward. 🙂 That and my arty craft attempts never turn out right. (I’m going to get the mister to help with the jam, he just doesn’t know this yet)

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