New Meal Plan

I figure rather than having to come up with a new meal plan each week, this one here is my new way forward. It will be offering me structure as well as helping to use up certain things and keep every-one in the house happy. (Mister loves pasta, but I love me the noodles and rice).

So let me introduce you to my new meal plan

One day a week :

= Meat free meal

= Pasta

= Rice/ Noodles

= Freezer Food

= Cupboard food

= Fresh / Fridge food

= Pancakes Or Yorkshire puds.

One day should try to incorporate left overs and one day a week we should try something new. Some could be combined, like the meat free could be combined with pasta or pancake day.

If the pasta or rice WAS in the freezer, does that technically count as both? Hm. What do I keep in the freezer that is meat free, because they could be combined although I think chips and vegetables may not be viewed as a substantial meal, although pea’s chips and gravy could be a nice light meal.

The question is whether to give these rigid days or to simply have a tick box once we have made that week’s quota. If desired Yorkshire puddings could be combined with fresh food, like perhaps a roast chicken (or in our case possibly roast drumsticks) this could also come from the freezer meaning a double freezer use. If I get mince from the freezer and make a Bolognese does that mean if then put with pasta that those are both fulfilled? Either way. I am liking my new categories for using up ingredients we have in the house, and it will mean hopefully no area gets neglected.

And to start with my new meat free idea I have seen a fabulous idea that normally I would have stayed well, well away from. (Mainly because of my intense dislike of Mexican food and non-love of kidney beans, but recently I have had a good experience with enchiladas) : but it looks so yummy, and different in terms of non-meat option it looks very yummy.

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