Meal Plan Options

You may all have heard of jamie olivers new save money campaign, or maybe you haven’t. Either way, after watching his demonstration on how to make pizza, I managed to convince the man to give it a go. Consequently I now have two  homemade cheese and tomato pizzas sat in my freezer.

His recipe made four and on his recommendations we froze two of them. I have a portion of bolognese in the fridge to be eaten and the man kindly bought me some crab sticks to eat when I get bored. So now I have a couple of meal ideas running through my head for tea over the next couple of days.

1. Pizza with bolognese on top?
2. Pizza with bolognese AND crab sticks on top.
3. Lets be sensible and just do bolognese with pasta.
4. Seafood pizza (Crab sticks totally count for this)
5. Stir fry with bolognese? or crab sticks?

For those of you who know about my meal plan aims, this week the freezer food category was activated by the bolognese and the fish finger sandwiches we had yesterday. So I guess it is time for perhaps a rice or noodle dish. Stir-fry?

Having lists does not make deciding upon tea any easier…

Looking at my meal suggestions I am noticing a pattern… With sixty per cent of the suggestions being pizza. Hmm…

5 responses to “Meal Plan Options

  1. PS – it’s also a good idea to double the dough mixture, and once knocked back and divided into four pizza sized portions, freeze the unneeded portions for another day. Once defrosted, roll out thin, add toppings and continue as above. I also do this when I cook up pizza sauce – frozen in pizza sized portions: once sauce and dough are defrosted, you have instant pizza.

  2. We make a thin crust for two 12″ pizzas from: 8oz flour / 1 tbsp olive oil / 6 floz warm water / 1 heaped tsp dried yeast / 1 tsp salt. Make the dough and let it rise till doubled in size, then knock it back, halve the dough, and roll out nice and thin. Lay on your baking sheets / pizza stones (preheat pizza stones) and add toppings. It will get *just tiny bit* puffier while you do this, but won’t rise much. Bake at 220C for about ten minutes or until done to your liking – we swap them round half way through so they stay in a few minutes longer. This should in theory feed four – half a pizza each, but Mr Greedy likes a whole one to himself! Hope this helps, and isn’t too garbled!

    • I think the difference is you are using less flour, in the recipe I used it said 1kg of flour to make four. Which I did think was a lot, but probably explains how it gets so doughy. 🙂 Thanks for the help. I’ll try it this way next time.

  3. We routinely make our own pizza in the Penniless House, I – like you’ve done – have even been able to get the man person on board! He likes bashing the dough and choosing colourful toppings best – it’s just like having a giant-sized two year old!

    • Your description did make me giggle. The only problem we had is that it rose a lot, which is good. But any ideas on how to make thin crust, or a thinner crust? We added yeast and let it rise for an hour… Don’t know if going without the rise period or without the yeast is the way forward? It is a lot of fun. AND it makes having lactose friends and other awkward eaters a lot easier. 😀

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