Choosing between the red and the black.

Most people work darn hard for their money. I know I do. I know the man does. So once earned I like to take into account how much time and effort went into earning it before spending it frivolously on things that quite frankly do not deserve it. Is an hour of my time worth a burger from a fast food place? Is it worth an hour of my time at work to go to the cinema? Then on top of that if I want a drink and possibly popcorn is the two combined worth two hours of my time?

Sometimes, other times not.

I just wish more people would take this into account when spending money, including myself. When / if my pay ever increases then I fear that will also just be swallowed up by more and more things. I am an avid follower of David Ramsey, despite the cross-national address. I like to remind myself that I am saving today in order to give myself more options in the future.

Sometimes it is a lot harder than it seems to avoid spending unnecessary amounts, for example a friend might invite you to go see a film with you at the cinema or invite you to have a meal out. In these circumstances the cost can soon add up. I try to go see films on the days which have the best value tickets (here in the UK every Wednesday is a 2 for the price of 1 with orange phone company, or a cinema near me does a special deal on a Monday where all tickets are simply half the price of a full ticket). When my friend suggested going out for a meal, I instead invited her round to mine to cook for her. This cost me little more than what it would normally and I made pasta carbonara with shop bought gingerbread men for pudding, garlic bread as a side. She was more than happy for this option, and it was very enjoyable. So to all those people who think it is not acceptable to ask their friends for a low-budget alternative, why not just ask. The worst that will happen is they say no, the best perhaps they would like to save money too, but are too shy to mention it.

Perhaps sometimes it is necessary to question life’s necessities. Is it necessary to holiday twice a year, or have an Iphone? While I am not denying that these luxury goods would be nice, by delaying their purchase even for a short while means that for a period of time you are saving money. Instead of having a holiday twice a year, having one every 9 months could result in you cutting down holidays without depriving oneself. I realise this is a fairly petty thing to discuss, but it is the principles. Like cutting the expensive cereal with the cheap. Or repairing your shoes or pair of jeans so they last that little bit longer, delaying the inevitable purchase of the new.

I have a friend, a lovely lovely friend, who is very dear to me, and in my own description of her, she can more than afford to buy new jeans. Yet when her jeans developed holes she went around for a period of a few months with holey jeans, which she had patched back up. For this I applaud her, just because you can afford to waste money it does not mean you should. Even the ‘rich’ people can afford to be sensible…

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