Limiting Your Wants

Just like the message here. Sometimes forget what is important in life, and by trying to find it you lose it…

The Crunchy Sunflower

Limiting Your Wants

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One response to “Limiting Your Wants

  1. I just had a browse to see what your blog was all about and I can say, in regards to the Shamphree thing, it’s CHEAP!

    I bought bicarbonate of soda, apple cider vinegar and some £2 coconut oil from an Asian supermarket and it’s lasted me all this 2 months and will likely last me longer. (And if you like the method, you can always bulk buy online for waaay cheaper.)

    I bought some shea butter, £5 from Amazon, and it’s natural, a great moisturiser, no chemicals and you can make haircare and skincare products from scratch with it.

    Here’s one:

    Good luck 🙂 Your challenge is a good un!

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