Try Something New Tuesday

Fabulous idea, and could really add some diversity into ones life.

My Make Do and Mend Year

Waste Less, Live More week continues apace, with Try Something New Tuesday!



My Make Do and Mend Year definitely become more adventurous with the food I was cooking, and more open to trying new things.
I went to River Cottage for a Bread Making Day, and then made my own Sourdough Starter, and have been making bread with varying degrees of success ever since.
And recently, I made gnocchi (great one for using up leftover mashed potato) and also custard (ditto for using up egg yolks).
But today, in the manner of all things thrifty and Waste Not, Want Not, and thinking ahead for Christmas (arrrghhhhhh! Yes I really did just say the ‘C’ word), I am experimenting with….


I was aware of elderflowers, but am ashamed to admit that I only realised that there are also elderberries on the same tree a bit later in…

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