My Guide to Food Labelling

So I recently went on a course being run by the British Heart Foundation, on how to live and eat more healthily. I do not know about you guys but what they told me was a little bit worrying. I got the impression that essentially ALL food is bad for me. Yet having been to the shops I have found one or two things that perhaps fit into their guidelines. When shopping one sometimes just looks at the calories in a product which is generally what I do.

You can see their document here: .

Apparently it is not just calories that you need to watch out for. The amount of sugar, fat, saturates and salt are all relevant. Sometimes salt is listed as sodium, in which case you need to times it by 2.5 to get the salt content.

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By taking this guide shopping with me, it helped me to put back quite a few things that were advertised as ‘healthy’ alternatives or ‘only 99 calories’. Yes, only 99 calories but 40g of fat, or alternatively 30g sugar. These things were quite tricky and deceptive. But part of being healthier is eating healthier. So, no more nastiness for me. (Well, apart from the occasional treat).

Bye, bye chocolate biscuits. A chocolate muffin had more greens and oranges overall than any of the multiple packets of biscuits I picked up in the chocolate or biscuit aisle.

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