I have recently decided to reinvest time in my hobby of knitting. This is surprisingly simple and in some ways therapeutic to do, however it did take me a couple of google attempts to remember the difference between the two types of stitches. This was a very helpful guide: .

Then I stumbled across a basic pattern that can be applied to most basic patterns to alter the end result. I personally am very impressed as I am just a basic knitter. Yes I have made scarfs, and blankets and throws, but beyond your basic square patterns I get a little confused. Consequently I am very happy to find people who are happy to help offer ideas and suggestions on such a cool craft.

So Pearl Four, knit four, pearl four knit four. Then do this for four rows then switch. Knit four then pearl four. The result of this being a pattern that resembles the interwoven pieces of a basket. Is what the lovely lady said on youtube. . And I just think I might give it a go, although at the moment I am trying to create a stripy scarf, so we shall see how that one goes. 🙂

(Edit) I almost forgot, you can if you really get into the spirit of knitting make money by creating smaller garmets, y’know for teddys and childrens toys. While this might seem silly when I was little my grandma knitted my toy lamb little leg warmers and I love them from back then to this day. I realise this is not everyones cup of tea, but. it is an idea. I have been requested to make a little jacket for a tiny (about 12cm) bear. Although outside my area of expertise. I know my own childhood bear had both a jacket and a pair of bottoms knitted for him, and he looks so groovy. 😀 I imagine the knitted version taking out the amount of love and effort goes in would be perhaps a money saving option. Making a full cardigan or jumper can be cheaper simply to buy one, although if you are using high quality wool not found in cheap clothing to make your garment it could work out in your favour.

To make this activity as low cost as possible you can try making your own yarn, perhaps from old t-shirts to turn into new things and try looking in local charity shops for some needles. I picked some up this week for 25p a pair, and a bundle of different sizes for £1.00.

2 responses to “Knitting

  1. Good luck with your knitting although I’m not sure knitting anything is particularly money saving but the pleasure and satisfaction you get from creating something has got to be valuable in itself

    • I guess it could be a case of what it replaces. The finished product could replace a gift or a fashionable item out of the budget. One could argue that watching a DVD does not save money, or reading a book, but if you do these activities instead of ones that cost money I think knitting is quite a low budget activity. Although that is just my opinion. I have a friend who collected their own wool and then made it into wool that you can work with but that is a little bit too much for me, not having access to any to begin with. . I take your point, but also like playing cards one could argue does not save money, but it once again is a case of what it replaces. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate your opinion, but I do like to get back to basics every now and then. 🙂

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