Beef Stock

I do not know about you guys but this once particularly confused me, especially when I take into account how rare it is for me to do beef, so normally the stock is chicken. Either way I now have the ingredients for beef stock, premade in my fridge after a very yummy sunday dinner, not on a sunday. The question is now, what to do with it.

Apparently it is a good base for soups or casseroles, but neither of these are particularly helpful. I have never had beef soup in my life, period, so I just presume it does not exist (of course it will be a thing). So I asked my friends, and did some googling and this is what I got.

1. Risotto (As in use the stock in place of the water you would normally cook your rice with)

2. Soup base, I had the suggestion of oxtail soup, although this is beef I think the premise might be the same.

3. Chinese beef noodle soup. (I found a lot of appealing recipes for this one) . I get the feeling that you get the stock throw in some vegetables, noddles and beef then you are about done. 

4. Pie. I have beef left over so beef pie, perhaps with a few potatoes and the stock is already sorted. So meat and potato pie. Amazing. 

5. Sausage casserole. While the hairy bikers do say chicken stock I think beef could easily be interchangeable in there.


Another last point, in my stock I put all the peelings of the carrots, onions, parsnips, potatoes and sweet potatoes before the meat went in the oven so they all caramelised together, this approach also uses up things that may have otherwise gone in the bin.

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