Meal Plan # 4

And shopping list

Burger buns
Joint of meat
bean sprouts

Then planned meals.

1 Carrot, cumin burgers

2 Beef burgers

3 Roast meal

4 Bacon and egg pasta/cabonara

5 Stir fry

6 Lasagna

As it turns out we did not buy any bacon in the end, deciding that the joint of meat would be enough. This cost just short of £20.00. It would have been less but the joint of meat cost about £8.00. We also realised that we had a parsnip in so had no need to buy any. The only thing we did not pick up which we probably should is potatoes, which I’ve been buying from the local market instead. There were a few things that were not originally on the list, but somehow managed to worm their ways into the basket. Still.

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