Meal Plan #4 – 6 Days Later

The shopping list:

Burger buns, milk, eggs, Joint of meat, carrots, parsnips, Corn on the Cob, cheese, bean sprouts (was substituted for a bag of mixed veg) onions.

So we still have six burger buns, all six eggs, 1 of 2 carrots, and 1 of 2 sweetcorn cobs, half the bag of onions. The cheese has not been touched.

1 Carrot, cumin burgers

2 Beef burgers – done

3 Roast meal – done

4 Bacon and egg pasta/cabonara

5 Stir fry – done

6 Lasagna

We made the roast, stir fry and also a four person meat and potato pie with the beef joint, so although costing more, we got more meals out of it, and it went into some sandwiches as well. The Carrot and Cumin burgers are still to eat, as we have the ingredients in, waiting. Last week we bought red onions, but the bag is now nearly half empty so I am beginning to think maybe white onions should be on the menu next time instead.

So for the next week’s meal plan:

1. Carrot, Cumin Burgers (rolling over)

2. Carbonara

3. Fish finger sandwiches (60p for a pack of ten from morrisons, or make ones own).

4. Tuna Steak (currently sitting in the freezer)

5. Homemade pizza

6. Pancakes

7. Stir-Fry

So my weekly shopping list is:

Pitta bread/Wraps,
Pizza Toppings.

Thinking about it, if I substituted carbonara for macaroni cheese I could get rid of the bacon. If the pizza was veggie then I need no toppings, or I could use some hot dogs I have in the cupboard. I really am not in need of much food this week for my meal plan. After recently investing in frozen vegetables I find I can now just pull out a handful here and there of things to throw in, meaning I have no need to buy much fresh vegetables other than onions. I guess I may be extravagant and put some fresh fruit juice on the list, or alternatively non-fresh and just from a carton to make some smoothies with, and I already have the frozen fruit. 🙂

We think it is a church, a yellow church. While you cannot see it, there was a gecko on the wall of said church.

We think it is a church, a yellow church. While you cannot see it, there was a gecko on the wall of said church.

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