Meal Plan #6

  So as always we like to stick to our meal plan. We have discovered that if one is to have a vegetarian korma then the price becomes surprisingly cheap, and if you stock Korma paste in your house it becomes almost a cupboard meal, available at any time.
  Mon – Chicken Korma (pasta & rice)
Wed – Roast dinner with rob
Thurs – Left over (possibly stir fry)
Fri – Bucatini
Sat – Bolognaise
Sun – Chilli con carne & nachos and wraps
  To buy list:
Natural Yoghurt
Roast Joint
Roasting Vegetables
Steaming Vegetables
Cherry Toms
  Technically the shopping came to £28.00, with an additional purchase of cake, but one could argue that this is no bad thing. Sometime last week we had on the meal plan some chicken wraps, but upon being invited to a friends house we took the stuff with us, and had an amalgamation of Chilli con carne with Doritos and cheese (nachos) heated in the oven, alongside the chicken wraps. We had a couple of wraps left over so consequently people experimented with the chilli and nachos in a wrap together and it was surprisingly very nice, hence why it is not on the meal plan for this coming week. 🙂
We bought a Roast Pork, Cabbage, sprouts, carrots, corn on the cob and parsnips. I personally was shocked at the price of the sprouts for which I was charged about 56p for 11 smallish sprouts. Simply shocked.

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