Pasta and Meatballs 35p

So, in case you did not know Fray Bentos does a type of meatball in a can and it is very nice. It can also set you back anywhere between 50p all the way up to perhaps £1.15 for a singular can. Currently it costs 89p from Tesco as there is no promotions on. There is however an alternative to this which is the value meatballs. They cost 40p for a can but are surprisingly nice, if you have not tried them and are a meatball lover may I recommend them to you, thanks.

So on Tuesday I made a meal from Pasta and a can of value meatballs. The amount I made served three people, and Technically I used a can and a half. For ease of Maths though I will explain with just one can.

  1. Put your pasta or rice on to boil (I had mine with rice)
  2. Empty the can into a saucepan on a low – medium heat
  3. Consider adding a little bit more water
  4. Add a dash tomato puree (depends on how tomatoey you like it) and add a dash of tomato ketchup
  5. Add a dash of worcestorshire sauce.
  6. Add a handful of peas (this could also be sweetcorn or any small frozen veg really but I chose peas)
  7. Drain pasta once cooked, and serve with meatball sauce which should also be cooked by now.

I am going to estimate that this cost around 35p a portion and it was delicious. Although you can just put the can straight onto the pasta as a sauce we taste tested this one, and due to the sweetness of the mix and whatnot it did not perhaps stick to the sides as well as one might like from a pasta sauce and technically it has no vegetables in it before the addition of peas so it is less sustainable. In case anyone was wondering I served two grown men plus me and had no complaints about being hungry. 

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