Make your own tortilla wraps 22p for 8

I was given the task of getting the wraps to go with the chilli and nachos last week and felt myself unwilling to part with £1.00 for the lovely bit of wrap that I might get in return. So I concluded why not, just once try making them yourself. So I googled some recipes, some which were to make 80 wraps, some to make 12 or 24. I finally found one in measurements that I understood (g) and to make 8. 

All you needed was flour, baking powder, lard and salt. (Plus tepid water but honestly). All these store cupboard ingredients that would help me to achieve a fab saving. 

  1. 225g plain flour (3p/100g Tesco Value 45p/1.5kg so 7p for easy maths)
  2. ½ tsp baking powder (5p guestimate)
  3. ½ tsp salt into a bowl (2p over guestimate)
  4. 50g lard (at room temperature) (15.6p/100g 39p/250g Tesco Value so 8p for easy maths)
  5. 150ml warm water (don’t know about you but I’d consider this free / negligible… feel free to dispute it)

Total 22p, making 8 wraps. So 2.75p each, if you halved the measurements then 11p for 4. 

Mix all the dry ingredients (flour, salt, baking powder) in together then add the lard. Rub in until it is smooth, then add the water and mix until a dough forms. Knead for 5 minutes (I probs just did like 3/4 minutes). Then leave to rest for 30 mins (the recipes said with clingfilm but I could not find any so… I also waited 20. (things to do)

Then divide the dough into 8 (I used a knife) and make small balls. Then roll out into 18cm circles. (Mine turned out more like 15cm splotches… but hey.)

Cook them in a heavy base pan for about a minute either side, until bubbles start to arise then a couple seconds more. Flip them. And do this for all eight.


I personally loved the texture of the tortilla dough. It was so silky and totally worth the effort. The recipe I followed said 15 minutes prep and 15 minutes cooking. But it took me a little bit longer to roll out the dough. I imagine with practice though I could get it in under time. I did add a little but of coriander to my wraps in the kneading stage but this is not necessary.


3 responses to “Make your own tortilla wraps 22p for 8

    • Yes I visited home at the weekend, and my lovely mummy made chapattis, with chapatti flour and oil. They were much more pliable and needed no time to rest inbetween mixing so I might switch to chapattis from now on. 😀 I think we have a house of converts as well, with my mum and guests thinking the homemade ones taste fresher (wonder why) and are much nicer than any shop bought lot…

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