Weekly Meal Plan #7

 So last week we went shopping and spent a surprising amount on food.

Natural Yoghurt, Roast Joint, Roasting Vegetables, Steaming Vegetables, Wraps, Nachos and Milk. Now surprisingly it is all gone, with the exception of the corn on the cob, which we bought frozen and so I still have the rest of the frozen bag. In my opinion frozen corn on the cob steamed was about the same as fresh corn on the cob steamed, so I am happy with that purchase.
This was the meal plan, and I think we have stuck to it fairly well.
 Mon – Chicken Korma (pasta & rice and some leftover chicken)
Wed – Roast dinner with rob
Thurs – Had pork wraps with onion and some veg.
Fri – Had pork burgers with chips.
Sat – Bolognaise turned into a chilli.
Sun – Chilli con carne & nachos and wraps
I think the best thing about this week was my laziness in going to the shop to pick up more wraps. I simply could not be bothered. Amongst other things paying £1.00 upwards for some wraps is simply depressing. So I thought that I would give it a go myself for a fraction of the cost, I estimate about 22p to make 8 (although I did burn one, but thats not important guys).
Having 100% stuck to my meal plan for last week I have nothing in the fridge that needs using up. Yay! The nachos, chilli and wraps lasted us two days if I am being honest. Simply because there was so much left and we would not want good food to go to waste would we?
Monday – Fish finger sandwiches
Tuesday – Pizza (tortilla) homemade
Wednesday – Pancakes (I have eggs in)
Thursday – Rice dish – possible korma again, or biryani
Friday – At parents so plan something extravagent….
Saturday – Going out for a meal with little sibling, although may consider going to tesco and picking up some bits and bobs and making that a meal…
Sunday – All being well SUNDAY LUNCH!! with yorkshire puddings of course. 🙂
This looks foodwise to be a good week. For lunch I have been stock piling tesco’s 15p chicken noodles since the increase to 20p of the curry flavour ones, I am concerned that they might do the same with the curry ones and then my plan to throw in peas and onion to make it a health(ish) lunch is a little bit ruined…
With nothing really to buy this week I set my food budget around £6.00 to take into account milk… and some more fruit.

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