My two week meal plan.

A while ago I stumbled onto a blog in which the writer wrote a meal plan for the month ahead. I thought to myself, a full month? I normally struggle with just a weeks meal plan.
Anyhow onto now, we decided to do our weekly shopping online, and bought two weeks worth of food. So then I had to make a two week meal plan.


meal plan january 2014

6 responses to “My two week meal plan.

    • That is quite impressive. Six months and no repeats. Wow. See sometimes we have leftovers so that means twice in a row or frozen and then eaten within the month or so. But what about favourite meals. I think I could do maybe a months with no repeats but thats a long time…. Thanks for the comment.

  1. Wow… I struggle with what the hell I’m going to make the next day. This is a bit of an interesting stretch though, especially for someone, if they need to cut gluten, fiber, etc. out of their diet, or if they are on a diet, then they can plan accordingly, know what they want, get what they need, and ba-boom.

    • I find that by making a plan I am less likely to waste food or eat out or get take out… Its not always set in stone, but sticking to it 90 or even 75 per cent of the time is better than having to go to the shops everyday for more, or worse being so indecisive about what to make that a take out seems logical. 🙂

      • Understandable. Though, I guess I struggle to make a meal plan and stick to it because I’m just not certain about what I’m going to make for myself, not sure about recipes, and living in a big city (Toronto), and being able to have access to food and all that at the blink of an eye, that makes things a bit more… reliable for me.

      • I live in the city centre where I am now, I have 24 access to food at any time. But I find by making multiple trips in a given day or week results in me overbuying and generally buying junk food or sweet snacks that I shouldn’t really be having. 😛

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