Sweet and sour rice 14p

So for lunch today I just threw together a few ingredients and it was so yummy that I thought I would let you, the whole wide world know about it. And it was so simple, and quick.Image

Ingredients (serves 2)

125g rice (I used tesco value rice) 4p/100g

100g peas 10p/100g (Used frozen)

1/2 Jar of sweet and sour 13p (full jar 26p for 440g) 



Simply cook the rice to instructions; throw in the peas with two or three minutes to spare; drain the rice then stir in the sauce on the heat.

Like I said: Simple.

And the total cost of this for the two of us was 28p meaning that it costs 14p a portion.

The reason it is for two is because I used the other half the jar for another meal last week so only had half a jar although I got the feeling that you could up the rice and serve more with the same amount of sauce as there was ample on my portion. I reckon this one could make it into the Live Below the Line recipe book.

Happy cooking guys. 🙂

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