Trying something new.

24/03/2014 Iceland shop.

We bought 10 ready meals

12 eggs £1.00

750g Sweetcorn £1.00

1.8 kg chips £1.00

2 x Lean Beef Mince 750g £2.50

6 Chicken Fillets 1.2kg £4.00

40 Sausages £2.00

Bacon 1kg £5.00

14 Hot Dogs in a jar £2.00

Total: £21.00

Breaks down into:

2 sausages per portion makes 20 portions. So divide by 3 makes 6-7 meals ish.

75g Beef Mince per person. So 10 portions, or if feeding 3 250g so 9 portions per bag. Meaning 3 meals per bag, so 6 meals as have two bags.

12 eggs = 6 meals if making pancake batter.

2 Chicken Fillets for 3 people meaning 3 meals from chicken.

50g Portion of bacon makes 20 portions so if feeding 3 then makes 6-7 meals.

1 Hot dog a portion so 14 portions, making 4-5 meals. J


25 meals without the eggs, not taking into account the ready meals.

Bacon needs eating first and then eggs need working on.

Bacon meal plans:

Tomato and Bacon Pasta

Carbonara with Bacon

Bacon risotta




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