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Hello dear readers, 

If you’ve been with me for sometime you may remember my post about the stress of getting married and whatnot. Well, following that post we have now booked the registry office for : September 2014. This year, yep. Are we fools? Possibly, or possibly not. 

A wise person once said ‘Give a man an hour to tell you about his life and he will; Give a man two hours to do exactly the same and he will’. Long story short, our five months is plenty of time. We’ve written our guest list, planned our budgets and picked a venue for the reception. The reception venue is: my parents house, where we are going to have a BBQ. I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BBQ’s and that type of food, so I think the choice was a good one, and means I don’t have to pay £400+ in a booking fee alone. I think the wedding budget is under £1000 including the reception and wedding itself, and outfits. The only thing that might skew the budget is rings (but then again it might not) as we haven’t picked any yet. 

In my mind rings are the most pointless bit of jewellery ever, and just destined to get lost but I guess it’s something I’ll have to look into. Father of the groom may or may not have offered to buy the rings as well, so I’m not sure if that would go under our budget or not? As it is still money being spent, and if there is one thing I simply HATE it is unnecessary money spending, regardless of whose purse strings are being loosened. 

My sibling, who I love so, so much, has even offered to lend me her second hand wedding dress to save money. 

I simply love like minded people, and consequently my sibling, whether or not this happens is another matter, after trying on dresses, I have decided I would like a 3/4 length (possibly with a longer train) corset cream dress. Good luck to me finding one, apparently they are all full length, and I’m guessing chopping up a dress is not seen as the done thing… hmm. Yet something to keep in mind, with my £100 budget for a dress. Oh dear. 🙂 It could work…



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