My Live Below the Line Menu Plan. £5 for 5 Days.

Having done some searching around online, I thought that the Tesco Value Spaghetti Bolognese might be a good addition to the shop, with it only being 20p, that is until I realised ASDA’s was 16p. So on my plan to get 5 cans of the Tesco version I could go to asda and save 20p. Which I realise may not seem like a lot, but lets face it. 20p could buy a piece of fruit or an onion.

I fancied having some fruit in there, and figured that fresh may not be an option, so went to look at cans. I could either get Tesco Pineapple Pieces in its own juice for 36p or Asda Smartprice Pineapple in a light syrup for 33p. If money was not an issue I would probably pick the Tesco version, but I just do not know whether that 3p will come in handy or not. I was tempted to buy some Jelly, at 3 for £1.00 I thought it was not bad value but sadly I do not have the liberty of buying 3 to make that saving. I was deliberating between buying rice or pasta for the week, but realised that with the spaghetti bolognese tins I’ll probably be sick of pasta, so rice it is.

I was thinking milk and cereal, cereal isn’t expensive, but then can I afford the milk? So no milk, I decided chopped tomatoes are such a staple but then they’re quite expensive, so have decided to switch them out for tomato soup which is about 9p cheaper a can, hello there is a whole 18p there. Oats are tempting but whether or not I’d use them enough for them to be worthwhile is another question. For breakfast with my current meal plan it looks like Lemon Curd on toast or Eggs and soldiers. For lunch it currently looks like lemon curd sandwiches as well.



So my weeks shopping would be

5 x Asda Smartprice Spaghetti Bolognese 80p
1 x Value Can Baked Beans 24p
1 x Value Can New Potatoes 14p
1 x Asda Smartprice Pineapple Pieces 33p
1 x Asda Smartprice Rice 40p
1 x Asda Smartprice Medium Brown Bread 45p
1 x Asda Smartprice Lemon Curd 22p
1 x Asda Smartprice mixed Eggs 89p
2 x Asda Smartprice Tomato Soup 48p
1 x Asda smartprice Pitta Bread 22p

At this point I have 83p left to spend and quite fancy some ham to go in the pitta bread. Looking at the prices of ham it looks like pork luncheon meat might be the best option at 75p for 250g. Hmm.. I wonder, whether buying smart price sausages would be more sensible at this point though. At 99p a pack that is out of my price bracket; But pate is only 69p so that would leave me with 14p left to spend. I could alternatively save the 83p and get some more fruit. Hmm… Could I get some crumpets or not… at 37p for 6 I could if I didn’t get the pate, or bananas, or ham. Oh dear. I guess I could get pate, dump the pitta bread and have crumpets. I think the remaining 83p I will leave to see what is available at the market to buy in terms of fruit, failing that 5 bananas for 68p at Iceland, so can go pick them up. I simply do not see how this is possible without my afternoon snack, in between work and coming home. I just get so crabby. Asda do a smartprice bag of mixed vegetables 1KG for 77p, which I may, or may not put my money on. We will just have to see what happens when I do the shopping tomorrow. 🙂


If you happen to feel like donating to the Live Below the Line Challenge: is my fundraising page. Even if it is a penny, every little helps.

2 responses to “My Live Below the Line Menu Plan. £5 for 5 Days.

  1. I’m also doing this, the guidelines suggested it was fine to proportion the costs, eg. for the jelly if you’ll use a third of the pack in 5 days calculate and include that third in your budget for the week. Because realistically if you’re living in poverty you’ll still need to eat next week! Good luck, hope it goes well. 🙂

    • I’ve seen people having issues with buying a packet of onions and only using one in costing, is it because its not really as perishable that its okay? I guess even if I left it like a couple of months the jelly would still be good.

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