Live Below the Line Day 1.

So as the challenge states that £1 a day can be spent, or atleast £5 a day over five days. Me being the clever so and so that I am thought it would be a good idea to see what was reduced / for sale on a sunday, forgetting that the shops shut before I finished work. Consequently the item I have to eat so far today is a baguette that I bought from work.


Luckily I slept in / rose late consequently I have not had to worry about breakfast too much. Image


I bought two baguettes yesterday that cost me 36p for both, however I bought one for my partner as well, at the time. So my lunch is going to be 



bread and water. Technicanally I could have had it buttered for free as it would have be the same price but I am not that smart. So my total expenditure to date is 16p for my baguette meaning I have 84p left to spend today and £4.84 left for my five day challenge. I should probably go to the shop later and pick up some more stuff. Ideally. Wait till the cheap time, so no food for me till 8pm after this baguette. I am quite optimistic so far; despite being an idiot.


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