Saving the planet, and your wallet in one fell swoop.

Recently I was sent a promotional lightbulb from a company called Light Bulbs Direct to gage my opinion on LED bulbs.

photo 2 (1)

My lovely lamp, that I use as a bedroom light, but also doubles up as an intense light for when I’m doing crafting / modelling.

Suffice to say the jury is in. Having had the bulb for over a week now I used it to replace the bulb I already had in my lamp and used the new bulb that I had been sent. I am not going to lie, it did look slightly funkier than your everyday lightbulb; having had a look at the prices this bulb would normally cost between £3-4 and claims to be able to save you £5 a year per bulb based on being used for 3 hours a day when compared with filament bulbs…. If anything atleast the LED lightbulb is more appealing to the eye and without doing any testing, look sturdier than the original. Say if I dropped the LED bulb I would not automatically assume I had broken it unlike with any normal bulb I have ever had, on the same par as eggs, except you normally only have to change them once every couple of weeks and hence get the small mercy of them not having the same frequency as Sunday lunch.

Light Bulbs

My original lightbulb on the left, and the new funky looking one on the right.

According to the box specifications this bulb is an ‘Integral LED Candle’ non-dimmable and equivalent to 40 Watts although it is only supposed to use 6.7 Watts.

Oooh a box.

photo 5

Bright light is bright.

While being a nice looking box I must confess it did indeed go into the recycling bin. The man commented on how bright the bulb was, but this may have been a simple case of repositioning or him just being more observant than usual. I’m not going to say it is brighter than an ordinary bulb, however I will say it is not dull. I did do the stats on it myself, comparing first switch on and after half an hour to see whether there were any differences in the bulbs with my energy monitor. (I do love my little energy monitor, whenever someone says ‘Oh it does not use that much energy’, we can actually see).


I compared my original bulb with the bulb I received and checked them over 20 minuets to see there CO2 consumption to see if there was variance and to see what changed once the bulbs had heated up. Surprisingly the LED was bright from when I turned it on instead of having to brighten over time.

This shows the cost of running the 2 bulbs, my reader works on the assumption that it is on 24/7 however it shows that the LED saves a considerable amount of money if left on to heat up.

This graph shows that whilst the cost and CO2 consumption change over time the power usage does not, but it is significantly lower on the LED bulb than the normal one.

My advice is if its a bulb that gets turned on and of every 5 minutes it probably is not worth it however for a bulb in a lamp or a room where it has time to heat up I think it is a great way to save money.

The actual figures that I recorded are:

The final figures.

Throughout the trial week for the bulb, me and the man have not noticed a difference in the bulb since the change. If our energy monitor is to be believed then switching over to entirely LED bulbs would result in no visible difference other than the figure on the energy bill.

2 responses to “Saving the planet, and your wallet in one fell swoop.

  1. Hi there! I bought myself an LED Bulb (equivalent to 65 Watts) and am absolutely AMAZED. The house I live in has mostly energy saving bulbs. The ones which have mercury in them and break way more often than promised by the producers. The ones that cost 6-18 AUD per piece. One thing that has always been absolutely annoying me about those is that they are only producing enough light after 20 min. When I switched on the light, I was left in dim half-darkness (to my feeling). But I always hated (in this case I actually had strong emotions about it) it. I wanted it to be bright. Like in the ‘good old days’. I don’t want to go back a century and fire up a modern candle brightness equivalent, to wait 20 min until I can use the room as intended. (It actually prevented me from doing a lot of things in a timely manner.)
    So far the LED one has won me over and over and over on a daily basis. I don’t even realize any more that I switch on the light (just like when I grew up) – it’s one move switch-bright. And there are no toxins to my knowledge either. It’s been used for a good 5 months now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it – thanks for measuring on the actual consumption side!!! This is adding to my love for them. LED for the win! Never going to buy anything but fluo and LED ever!

  2. Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just curious if
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    I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any support is very much appreciated.

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