September means Blackberries

So now it is that magical time of year that I love. Why you might ask, well I can finally look forward to making pies and crumbles. How you might ask, well my parents have an apple tree which oddly enough for some reason grows apples.

And living in England I know that there are an abundance of blackberries simply everywhere you look, that you can pick fresh off the bush. Beware though of nettles. I was not paying attention and forgot that the two can grow hand in hand.

So why not get yourself out and about and keep an eye out for them. I figured living in a city I would be deprived of my opportunity but so far I have found three / four places that they appear to grow in abundancies. Not to mention other smaller amounts as I saw walking down the street.

This year I think I might have a go at preserving the blackberries but who knows, I might eat them all. Frozen blackberries could be turned into smoothies, later in the year. Jam is an option. Who knows where the winds might take us.

Please keep an eye out, and remember the sweetest black berries in my experience tend to be the ones that just fall into your hand as you pick them. If you’re tugging to try and get it off then it might need a little bit longer.


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