Cuts of meat.

So as you may know my husband is a HUGE carnivore. Meaning that I like to incorporate meat into our lifestyle but on a budget. How to do this depends entirely upon what values I am applying to myself and family.

Do I want super cheap ‘meat’?
Ethically sourced meat?
Local meat?

Going to one of the major supermarkets picking up things like sausages would be one option of to get the meat into the diet. One quick look at the ingredients on cheap sausages will tell me that the majority of the sausages is in fact not pork. Maybe 42% pork, 10% rusk and then 50% other ingredients. I am not entirely convinced in terms of buying the cheap, cheap meats which are not actually meat. For feeding the two adult carnivores though this is one option to be considered.

I did discover that bacon can be sourced for about £5.00 a kg from Iceland, and less in some butchers if you aren’t fussy over having whole rashers. Considering most of my bacon recipes include slicing bacon up this is not really a problem.

Buying chicken breasts frozen is one suggestion I would have, or buying a whole chicken and butchering it yourself to get two breasts, two wings and whatnot before cooking it. The reason why meat is important is because of the protein, although protein can be found in vegetarian foods like kidney beans, chick peas, baked beans and some nuts.

If wanting whole cuts of meat, without doing things like chicken thighs or drumsticks, I have a few suggestions:

Shin of beef instead of using rump steak for things like casseroles or stir fries. I think this is a lot nicer than ‘frying steak’ and is about a third of the price of the rump.

Kidneys and offal is always an idea, in my opinion if you split the meat half and half for people new to these flavours of fussy eaters. For example in a bolognese adding beef and to chicken liver is one way to ease the family into trying new flavours.

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