Pack Lunches – Lets get over the boring and mundane.

My new meal plan for one considering I’ll be living alone. Inc. suggested shopping habbits.
So I have been offered a new job that is 100 miles from my current location, meaning I will have to live as a singular for an indeterminate amount of time. Which made me think, I will need my lunch planning and meals, and possibly even breakfast if there is only one of me. Most recipes do servings for 4, or at a push two. I do not think eating some things four days later will be good for me, being concerned about germs and stuff. So without getting bored I thought I’d make a list of the things I’d like to have for lunch, so I don’t get bored and have the same thing day in, day out.

I’m thinking


  • Make tuna crunch in a baguette.
    : 2/3 baguettes, 1 can of tuna, mayo, red onion. Optional: Cucumber, sweetcorn
  • Make egg mayo sandwiches.
    : Bread, any time, 2 eggs, mayo, black pepper. Optional: Watercress, Lettuce
  • Make chicken/ham sandwiches/wraps
    : Bread/Wraps – use any type of meat maybe leftovers.
  • Salad
    : Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, gherkins, red onion, sweetcorn sweet onion sauce. Optional: Blue cheese, half boiled eggs, tuna or ham slices.
  • Soup
    : Canned or homemade variety, suggest taking a slice of bread or two with butter as well.
  • Tuna sweetcorn pasta
    : Tuna, pasta, mayo, sweetcorn. Optional: Red onion
  • Rice dish – not sure what yet.
  • Chicken Baguette
  • Chicken club baguette
    : Baguette, Chicken, lettuce, sliced tomatoes and mayo, sweetcure bacon
  • Easy pasta salad
  • Couscous
    : Couscous, sweetcorn, stock, onion, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, peppers.
  • Peanut butter and cucumber sandwich
    : Peanut butter, bread, cucumber.
  • Sushi
    : Nori sheets, rice, cucumber, seafood sticks, seasame seeds, soy sauce, tuna, carrot, pepper
  • Sushi rice salad
    : Sushi rice, sugar, rice vineger, then freestyle. (Grated carrot, pepper, any seafood lying around, seasame seeds). This recipe uses plain rice.
  • Crustless Quiche
    : Eggs, cheese and optional extras. Amazing, crustless quiche bitesize and made so much easier


Herbal tea
Veg sticks:
Bannana Bread –

What do you think?

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