I am a final year student, living in Yorkshire. (UK) I like to try running a tidy house on a small budget and am always looking for new ideas and ways to live healthier and save money. I try not to waste things, one of my inspirations is http://mymakedoandmendyear.wordpress.com among others. I am trying to limit myself to a budget to feed both myself and my partner. I plan on doing this in the coming weeks but first must decide what is a reasonable amount, and then document it to you, the outside world in a bid to prove it can be done without compromising on health.

I intend to document my plans and ideas, recipes and share them on here. I am always looking for ways to improve myself, my lifestyle and be more sustainable. As I have a fussy food eater in the house, and myself I love the inspiration some people give me in their recipe ideas while maintaining a good share of my 5 a day / 35 a week. I think of it like inviting the whole world for dinner, and lets see who shows up, but every-one is welcome…

Lets break bread… In beautiful surroundings.


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