Simple Delicious Potato Salad 42p/serving

 Recently I visited a friends house who served this amazing potato salad, that was so delicious I simply had to get the recipe and share it. This would make an ideal lunch served warm, or an accompaniment to a summery dish.


Ingredients: Potatoes, Mayonnaise, Chives, (mint optional)

The potatoes can be baby, new, or charlotte potatoes, in theory you could try basic potatoes but ideally they want to be small. £1.00/kg

Mayonnaise £1.20 jar 750ml

Chives -(free or) 70p jar for 3.5g, or £2.00/10g

This recipe can be scaled up or down very easily depending on how many potatoes you have. My bag came with 1kg, and this should make 4 portions.

For 1kg bag potatoes making 4 portions, mayonnaise – 1/2 to 1/3 jar depending how creamy you like it, a handful of fresh chives = Free (garden) or 2tsp if dried.


Step 1. Chop the potatoes into bitesize pieces if large.
Step 2. Boil the potatoes until soft but firm then drain. (Optional: Throw in some fresh mint if you have any while boiling).
Step 3. Mix the potaotes with the mayonnaise, and throw in the chopped/dried chives.
Step 4: Serve warm and enjoy.


This can be eaten cold later, it can also be adapted for example instead of chives, coriander could be used. If you have any spring onions or regular onions you can dice them small and add them in at Step 3.

Tip: The potatoes will cook quicker with a lid on.

Costing: £1.64/4 = 42p per serving.

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