Cucumbers, What to do?

So yesterday I was torn between being lazy or well just being lazy. More importantly I had a hankering for some yorkshire puddings. Oh those delicious yet simple things. Sadly I was out of eggs, therefore facing the dilemma of do I don’t I go to the shops. I decided I would.

At the shops I was torn between the eggs £1.00 for happy free range eggs or £1.00 for local yorkshire free range eggs. Oh dear. In the end I got some eggs and came home. In the process of doing so I saw reduced cucumber 10p for half. I cannot remember when I last had cucumber so I thought, why not. And bought it. Now I am in the predicament of what to do with said cucumber. So I am going to make a list of things I could do with it.

1. Make a onion and cucumber salad like what you might get in an Indian restaurant.

My recipe for this one would come from here: . Which looks simply delicious and an exact replica of what I can find in my local indian.

2. A tuna pasta salad with cucumber instead of sweetcorn.

3. Make cous-cous, although judging by what vegetables I have in, it may be a bit bland with just cucumber and possibly onion.

4. Make an actual salad with leaves and other forms of vegetation, putting the cucumber in there.

5. I am debating making a sandwich, (I have some pate in) and then slices of cucumber in that.

6. Blitz it and make a soup with accompanying ingredients.

7. Pickled cucumbers is not out of the question, although it is perhaps not my cup of tea.

Oh, there are multiple options to choose from. But which is best. I feel I may make a tuna pasta salad, although I imagine there is far too much cucumber for just one portion so I may either be making extra or I could also give a helping hand to the onion salad idea as well. Which just looks so yummy and tastes delicious, although without the tomatoes, unless I fancy another venture to buy some fresh but then who knows what I will return with next. So perhaps not.

Any ideas guys?

2 responses to “Cucumbers, What to do?

  1. Mmm I love those cucumber and onion salads from the curry house – you get a proper kick from white onion!

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